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10 Drawings

chaz dean drawing by pat egger
“Wen: by Chaz Dean”, by Pat Egger

Good Golly, located at 1815 McGee St in Kansas City MO, is hosting an exhibition of brand new works by artists Paul Browning, Karl Belvedere and Patrick Egger throughout the month of August. The title of the show is “10 Drawings” and consists of just that, along with printed zines featuring additional work by these three artists. This is a reunion of sorts for Paul, Karl and Patrick, who first collaborated in Italy a decade ago.

futuristic drawing of a walking robot
“Virtual Stroll”, by Paul Browning

The name “Belvedere” became etched in their psyches just as it was on the door to the apartment where they lived together for two weeks. Belvederes possess restless fingers; best to be occupied with pencils, pens and paintbrushes. The “tuscan triangle” between the Villa di Belvedere, Piss Alley and the Blob Club in Florence, Italy had a certain gravitational pull on all of them. Paul was having lucid, out-of-body dream experiences, while Karl found himself drinking from public fountains and Patrick splitting his head open. Belvedere means “beautiful view”, but beauty is not always beautiful.

drawing of goozie and roses
“Roses Really Smell Like Poo-poo”, by Karl Belvedere

Each artist offers a unique vision of themselves and their worlds through daring, intimate, and expressive line work. These drawings evoke emotion and intrigue through obsessive mark making and delicately rendered figures. The works plunge the viewer into the inner psyches of the artists and their composed versions of space, objects and time with an emphasis on the surreal and psychedelic. The artists explore notions of the TV/Internet wasteland and its possible future fallout as well as the inner versions of Self as someone or something else.

belvedere zine
The first edition of our zine, featuring drawings by Belvederes

Paul can be reached at centaur@centaurreader.com
Karl at karlbelvedere.com or belvederekarl@gmail.com
Patrick and Good Golly both at pat@nrmlhmn.com

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